About Us

Scalato is the first tire brand that takes into account the most recent developments in the cycling field. E-bikes require special tires that are able to withstand very high speeds and are made out of excellent materials. We do not compromise in terms of quality and performance. We have a team of dedicated engineers that developed these products exclusively for the use of e-bikes.

We combine the skill and science to create specialised models that you can rely on. Scalato is your best choice for many years of cycling joy.


Our features

Puncture resistant

The modern e-bike is relatively heavy. And we are riding it faster. That puts more pressure on the tires. Nevertheless, we have virtually eliminated your chances of puncturing a Scalato tire. Preventing leaks is our first priority.

Car tire technology

The biggest improvement is the special 3MM layer that includes Twaron aramide. We took this technology from our car tire division.

Rolling resistance

Due to a lower rolling resistance, the battery life is longer. That is important in order to ride further with only one charge. Your Scalato tires help you save energy.


This tire has a 60 TPI carcass. Supple and strong. In the S version, we have provided an extra carcass layer along the entire tread. This makes the sidewalls stronger. Under the tread we have added two more layers of this material, making the risk of punctures extremely small. On top of all that is a 3mm layer of rubber, reinforced with the light but indestructible synthetic fibre Twaron. This reduces rolling resistance. A Scalato tire really is more than the sum of its parts: this is the ultimate e-bike tire.

More than ECE approved

The ECE approval is essential for speed e-bikes. It is important but we at Scalato go further. Our tires are designed and developed especially for e-bikes. These tires are so much more than just ECE approved

Environmetal friendly

For more and more people, the e-bike has become a more sustainable alternative to the car. For Scalato, sustainable also means green. Our tires comply fully with the REACH regulations issued by the European Union to protect human health and the environment against the dangers of chemical substances. In other words, they meet the strictest possible environmental requirements.

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